Ice Cream Never Tasted So Good!: Ben and Jerry’s Commitment to Going Fair Trade

“Ben & Jerry’s announces its commitment to go fully Fair Trade across its entire global flavor portfolio.  From Americone Dream to Chocolate Fudge Brownie, all of the flavors in all of the countries where Ben & Jerry’s is sold will be converted to Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients by the end of 2013.”


“Ben & Jerry’s Fair Trade commitment means that every ingredient that can be sourced Fair Trade Certified,™ now or in the future, is Fair Trade Certified.™ Globally, this involves converting up to 121 different chunks and swirls, working across eleven different ingredients such as cocoa, banana, vanilla and other flavourings, fruits and nuts.  It also means working with Fair Trade cooperatives that total a combined membership of over 27,000 farmers.”

We can’t wait till 2013!  Until then, try their amazing fair trade flavors that are already available: Chocolate, Chocolate Macadamia, Vanilla, & Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. (Please Note: Heath® Bars are not Fair Trade Certified).

Delicious and Fair Trade . . . amazing!

We are so proud of you, Ben & Jerry!

Peace and Love,

Your Fair Trade Trendsters

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