Hello, Sportsfans!

Whether you like to shoot hoops, kick around the ole’ soccer ball, dominate on the ultimate field, or toss around the (vegan) pigskin, thanks to Respect Fair Trade Sports, you can play your favorite sport knowing that the “adult workers who made your ball have been given “fair wages and healthy working conditions.”

Mom and Dad, looking for a gift for your budding athlete?  Pick up a ball and some performance gear from a store featured in both Parents Magazine and O Magazine.  Maybe someday your little superstar will make it to the pros like Fair Trade Trends’s sports hero – Nets point guard Jordan Farmar.

We love these pics from Farmar’s photo shoot for Coco Eco Magazine in which he’s dribbling Respect’s Eco Basketball:

Check out this awesome fair trade sports equipment and gear from Respect. (And check out Respect’s online store for even more stellar designs):

This Fair Trade gear’s even sweeter since Respect Fair Trade Sports has “committed to donat[ing] all profits after taxes to children’s charities, both domestic and international . . . [once they’ve] reach[ed] profitability.”

We’re root, root, rooting for this awesome company!  Go Team!  And Go Fair Trade!

Peace and Love,

Your Fair Trade Trendsters

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