Celebrity Spotlight: Colin Firth

Because we love you and want you to be happy, we give you Mr. Darcy at his finest:

How is it that Colin Firth is still incredibly dreamy when drenched with coffee?  As a matter of fact, he’s especially dreamy when drenched with coffee.

Yes, we love Colin Firth because he won our hearts as Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and continued to earn our undying affection as Bridget Jones’s Mark Darcy, but you know why we’re really smitten?  Mr. Firth is not only a dashingly delightful gentleman, he’s also a Fair Trade activist.  (Pardon us a moment while we swoon.)

Colin agreed to be doused with joe to call attention to labor injustice in the coffee industry in support of “The Big Noise” – part of Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign.  (While the Make Trade Fair campaign has ended, check out Oxfam’s current trade campaigns.)  He also sat on the board of London’s (sadly now closed) Progresso Fair Trade coffee shops.  Plus, he’s currently part owner of Eco – “an exciting new retail concept and the first of its kind – a store, showroom, consultancy and green hub that offers inspiration, ideas and specific domestic solutions for all those who want to lead a greener and more energy efficient life.”

Sigh. Colin Firth, you have officially and forever won a very special place in our hearts. “We like you, very much.  Just as you are.”

Peace and Love,

Your Fair Trade Trendsters

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Spotlight: Colin Firth”

  1. Hi!

    Io no so parlare bene inglese, forse buono scrivere in italiano. Scusami!

    Vorrei aiutare e forso posso, nache.
    Sono ungherese, e adesso va il reneissance un ordine ungherese, di Paulini Ungheresi. Io faccio, insieme miei amici. 🙂

    Nasciato un organization: Ősi Pálos Testvériség, (é possibile trovare nello Facebook, un gruppo.)

    Se possiamo lavorare insieme, sarebbe bouna cosa e me piacerebbe molto.

    Grazie e buon lavoro:

    dr. Lévai Edit

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