Send Your Love a Fair Trade Valentine’s!

Cards from Africa's "Penguin Love Card."

Last post, we shared our complete guide to Fair Trading your Valentine’s Day.  With a week left before the big day, we wanted to tell you about an awesome, ethical card company – Cards from Africa (also available at Good Paper).  Check out this amazing description from Good Paper:

Our greeting cards are all handcrafted by young people in Rwanda who have been orphaned by genocide or AIDS. The cardmakers are all heads of households, responsible for providing for the remaining younger siblings in their family. Cards from Africa pays above-market wages so that the cardmakers can feed their families and send the younger siblings to school. All the colored papers are made by recycling Rwandan office materials by hand as an expression of environmental stewardship.

Definitely a fabulous company to support when buying your sweetie’s  Valentine’s Day card.  Here are some of our favs:

Happy Fair Trade Valentine’s Day!

Peace and Love,

Your Fair Trade Trendsters

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