Happy Spring!

While March has refused to go out like a lamb (at least in Ohio), we are still thinking spring.  And what better way to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather than with these beautiful hand-painted kites from Mitra Bali?:

“A non-governmental, non-profit organization, the Mitra Bali Foundation acts as a market and export facilitator for small craft producers. These small producers represent the diverse Balinese culture that attracts tourism to the area, but because they live in more remote areas and work on a small scale, haven’t benefited by the economic influx of the tourism industry.”

Check out these gorgeous kites, which are available through one of our favorite U.S. non-profits — SERRV.

“An oversized monarch to migrate through the local park with you. Hand painted, and made of nylon, bamboo, and styrofoam.”

“Colorful kites are ready to take flight—or alight in your home. Nylon wings and body are handpainted in a dry brush technique, and cover a bamboo frame and retractable wings. String attached to frame for hanging, or attach your own string for flying.”

And if butterflies don’t strike your fancy, check out these impressive, decorative dragon kites, a striking statement for any young adventurer’s bedroom:

These awesome Fair Trade kites make us want to visit a park, kick off our shoes, and channel our inner seven-year-old.  Go fly a kite?  Yes, please!

Happy Spring!

Peace and Love,

Your Fair Trade Trendsters

PS Check back soon for our complete guide to Fair Trading your Easter celebrations!

2 thoughts on “Happy Spring!”

  1. Are these kites actually meant to be flown, or to be collected and wall mounted for their handmade beauty. I ask this as we have just come into the possession of one of these kites and the supporting woodwork in the back seems to allow the Caterpillar wings to move, but I suspect would also allow them to collapse towards the caterpillar body if put up into the wind?

    1. Hi, Morgan,

      Congrats on your beautiful, Fair Trade kite. If you have a butterfly or dragonfly kite, you should be able to fly it. (Though they make awesome decorations, too.) However, it seems like the dragon kites are for decorative-purposes only.

      We suggest you contact SERRV’s customer service department for more info:

      Phone: 1.800.422.5915
      Fax: 1.888.294.6376
      Mail: PO Box 365, 500 Main Street, New Windsor, MD 21776-0365
      Email: orders@serrv.org

      Customer Service Hours
      Monday – Friday: 8am – 9pm EST
      Saturday: 9am – 5pm EST


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