A February Perfect Pairing!

Fill this Heart Mug from Craft Link (available at SERRV and Fair Trade Winds) with Equal Exchange's Love Buzz coffee, and you're halfway to a February perfect pairing!

We hope all of our lovely readers had a very happy Fair Trade Valentine’s Day!  Though, now that we’re past the excitement of the big day, we sure could use a perfect pairing pick-me-up.  If, like us, you are starting to feel the winter blues, try this yummy combo, which will have you celebrating the Fair Trade love despite this chilly weather.

Here’s what Theo has to say about this decadently divine treat:

“The best collaborations are simple. Theo sources and roasts the best chocolate. Caffé Vita sources and roasts the best coffee. why not combine them? coffee + chocolate = happiness.”

We couldn’t agree more.  Which is why we’ve paired these delicious coffee chocolate caramels with one of our favorite Fair Trade coffees.  Because coffee + chocolate + coffee = happiness³.  (We’ve checked this equation with Dave-the-Coffee-Guy, and he’s in absolute agreement.)

Dave’s not the only who’s head-over-heels for Equal Exchange’s Organic Love Buzz coffee.  None of the Fair Trade Trendsters can resist this “sweet, sultry and smooth coffee with an unexpected bite and lasting finish.”  Even Katy, Fair Trade Trends founder and notorious hazelnut syrup fiend, drinks this delicious, chocolately brew black.  Simply scrumptious.

So even though Punxsutawney Phil’s offered us hope for an early spring, if you still see snow on the ground (or hey, love chocolate, coffee, or helping to promote economic justice for the world’s farmers), we say treat yourself!  Because, you’ve earned it!  And because doing good tastes so right!

Stay Warm!

Peace and Love,

Your Fair Trade Trendsters

Dave the Coffee Guy Reviews: Equal Exchange’s Organic Mind, Body & Soul

This month’s Bean-to-Pick is Equal Exchange’s Organic Mind, Body & Soul.  Mind, Body & Soul contains hints of chocolaty sweetness and nutty goodness.  A sweet treat with a light, smooth flavor.

Check out this description from Equal Exchange:

“Post-Roast Blend: Medium and Vienna Roasts

Aroma: butterscotch, vanilla custard, pecans, milk chocolate
Flavor: balanced, cocoa, caramelized sugar, malt
Mouthfeel: weighty and thick
Acidity: light sparkle
Aftertaste: dark chocolate, walnut, brown sugar”

Since my wife won’t let me have desserts anymore, this makes for a tasty substitute.  (Not that I’m pouting or anything.)

RATING: 4/5 Cups

SCALE: 5 = Best Ever! / 4½ = Superior / 4 = Excellent / 3½ = Very Good / 3 = Good / 2½ = Average / 2 = Fair / 1 = Poor


Dave the Coffee Guy

Happy National Chocolate Day!

To celebrate National Chocolate Day (October 28), we’d like to introduce you to some of our absolute favorite bars from Theo Chocolate – “the only Organic, Fair Trade, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory in the United States.”

Not only are Theo’s Fantasy Flavors bars unbelievably scrumptious, but their wrappers are outrageously cute:

“A generous combination of hazelnut brittle and milk chocolate with just the right touch of salt. Unanimously voted one of our yummiest creations ever by our Theonista tasting panel.”

“An innovative twist on a traditional pairing, featuring dark chocolate with buttery, toasted artisan breadcrumbs and the perfect amount of salt.”

“Crunchy slivered almonds, sweet chewy figs, and a touch of fennel in rich dark chocolate. Satisfyingly delicious, and a Vegan dream come true!”

“Milk chocolate with a warming blend of chai spices and black tea.”

“Dark chocolate with organic roasted cocoa nibs in sweet and crunchy brittle.”

“A harmonious blend of finely ground Madagascar vanilla bean and milk chocolate.”

“Milk chocolate with toasted coconut and savory curry spices.”

“Dark chocolate and a robust locally-roasted organic, Fair-Trade-Certified™ coffee from Caffé Vita combine to create a full-bodied flavor.”

Can’t decide which fabulous Fantasy Flavor to try?  Why not to treat yourself to the Theo Chocolate Fantasy Flavor 8 Bar Gift Set:

“Theo chocolate makers work their magic creating, these organic, Fair Trade Certified™ milk and dark chocolate bars that come in wonderfully innovative flavors. Theo takes its premium quality, delectable chocolate and combines it with some bold and some traditional ingredients to conjure the Theo fantasy flavor assortment.

This Theo Fantasy Flavor 8 pack contains one each:

MILK CHOCOLATE: Vanilla, Hazelnut Crunch, Coconut Curry, Chai

DARK CHOCOLATE: Coffee, Nib Brittle, Bread & Chocolate, Fig Fennel & Almond”

Happy National Chocolate Day!

Peace and Love,

Your Fair Trade Trendsters

Celebrity Spotlight: Chris Martin, Antonio Banderas, Alanis Morissette, & Gael Garcia Bernal Get Dumped On!

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a Celebrity Spotlight on Colin Firth who is seriously ten pounds of dreamy in a five pound bag, not to mention an awesome Fair Trade activist.  In the post, we highlighted Mr. Darcy’s Mr. Firth’s work with Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair — “Ever Felt Dumped On?” ad campaign, which featured major cash crops (coffee, rice, chocolate, cotton, corn, wheat, etc.) being dumped on celebrities.  (While the Make Trade Fair campaign has ended, check out Oxfam’s current trade campaigns.)

As you may remember, we were beyond smitten with Colin’s coffee photos, which brought awareness to the fact that “25 million growers face ruin because they don’t get a decent price for their coffee – yet some of the world’s biggest coffee companies continue to make big profits”:

(Okay, yes; it also reminded us of the wet t-shirt pond scene in Pride and Prejudice.)

Because we are still so head-over-heels for this campaign, we wanted to share a few more photos, which raise Fair Trade awareness by documenting some of our fav celebs being bombarded with cash crops:

CHRIS MARTIN wanted us to know that “the US government pays its farmers $1billion a year to over-produce rice and dump the surplus at rock-bottom prices in poor countries. In Haiti, one fifth of the population has been driven out of business and into poverty as a result”:

ANTONIO BANDERAS wanted us to know that “5 million farmers and their families are facing ruin because the US governments subsidises its corn farmers to over-produce and dump the surplus at rock-bottom prices in Mexico”:

ALANIS MORISSETTE wanted us to know that “European wheat costs almost twice as much to produce as wheat from poor countries but – with the help of hand-outs from the European Union – it is dumped on poor countries at rock-bottom prices; pushing poor farmers out of business and into poverty”:

GAEL GARCÍA BERNAL wanted us to know that “Ten million cotton farming families in Africa are being forced into poverty because of unfair trade, which benefits just a few hundred cotton farming companies in the US”:

We LOVE these neat photos and the important messages they send!

You can also check out photos of these fabulous, philanthropic celebs: Michael Stipe, Thom Yorke, Gary Lightbody, Haile Gebrselassie, Damon Albarn, Tamara Rojo, Susanna Bacca, Jamelia, Nitin Sawhney, Angelique Kidjo, The Finn Bros, Bobby Friction, Amaral, Youssou N’Dour, Alex Fong, Anthony Wong, & Heike Makatsch.

Peace and Love,

Your Fair Trade Trendsters

Perfect Autumn Pairing: Apple Cider Caramels & Pumpkin Spice Coffee

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”

— George Eliot

Ahh…don’t you just love the fall?  There’s a new crispness in the air, the leaves have burst into colorful flames, and the squirrels (nature’s original hoarders) are frantically scurrying to amass nuts for the winter.  We have a serious crush on autumn.

In an effort to spread our major fall love, we offer you this perfect autumn pairing: Apple Cider Caramels & Pumpkin Spice Coffee.

When the air turns a bit nippy, and you begin to wonder if winter may be just around the corner, treat yourself to some Fair Trade caramels and coffee.  Cozy up under your favorite quilt and indulge in the yummy decadence of this awesome autumn pairing.

You deserve it!

Peace and Love,

Your Fair Trade Trendsters

Dave the Coffee Guy Reviews: Guilt Free Drinks’s “Guilt Free Medium Coffee”

This month’s Bean-to-Pick is Guilt Free Drinks’s Guilt Free Medium Coffee.  A good, sweet coffee with subtle nutty overtones.

Check out this description from Guilt Free Drinks:

Central American Single Origin, perfect for drip or press. . . Bright, crisp, sweet. . . . Nothing but pure joy in the cup. A very pleasing and easy to drink fair trade coffee.

Guilt Free Drinks’s coffees really are easy on the conscience since they’re Carbon Neutral, Organic, and Fair Trade.  Plus, this stellar company gives 10% of their profits to charity and has fantastic corporate recycling programs.  Check out their outstanding mission.

Really good coffee without the guilty aftertaste?  Yes, please!  This new company is definitely one to watch.

RATING: 3½/5 Cups



SCALE: 5 = Best Ever! / 4½ = Superior / 4 = Excellent / 3½ = Very Good / 3 = Good / 2½ = Average / 2 = Fair / 1 = Poor


Dave the Coffee Guy

Dave the Coffee Guy Reviews: Green Mountain Coffee’s Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Dave the Coffee Guy knows coffee.  In fact, he’s been known to tear tendons off his shoulder in the pursuit of coffee.  (Really folks, we’re doing the typing for Dave because his arm is in a sling).

From Dave the Coffee Guy:

This month’s Bean-to-Pick is Green Mountain Coffee’s Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. This light coffee is full of flavor.  As satisfying as any dark roast.

Check out this description from Green Mountain Coffee:

“Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is prized by connoisseurs for its delicate fragrance of orange blossoms, with an elegantly sweet and clean finish.”

You’ll want to drink the whole pot.  Or at least pour yourself the larger cup.

RATING: 4½/5 Cups

SCALE: 5 = Best Ever! / 4½ = Superior / 4 = Excellent / 3½ = Very Good / 3 = Good / 2½ = Average / 2 = Fair / 1 = Poor


Dave the Coffee Guy