Celebrity Spotlight: Chris Martin, Antonio Banderas, Alanis Morissette, & Gael Garcia Bernal Get Dumped On!

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a Celebrity Spotlight on Colin Firth who is seriously ten pounds of dreamy in a five pound bag, not to mention an awesome Fair Trade activist.  In the post, we highlighted Mr. Darcy’s Mr. Firth’s work with Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair — “Ever Felt Dumped On?” ad campaign, which featured major cash crops (coffee, rice, chocolate, cotton, corn, wheat, etc.) being dumped on celebrities.  (While the Make Trade Fair campaign has ended, check out Oxfam’s current trade campaigns.)

As you may remember, we were beyond smitten with Colin’s coffee photos, which brought awareness to the fact that “25 million growers face ruin because they don’t get a decent price for their coffee – yet some of the world’s biggest coffee companies continue to make big profits”:

(Okay, yes; it also reminded us of the wet t-shirt pond scene in Pride and Prejudice.)

Because we are still so head-over-heels for this campaign, we wanted to share a few more photos, which raise Fair Trade awareness by documenting some of our fav celebs being bombarded with cash crops:

CHRIS MARTIN wanted us to know that “the US government pays its farmers $1billion a year to over-produce rice and dump the surplus at rock-bottom prices in poor countries. In Haiti, one fifth of the population has been driven out of business and into poverty as a result”:

ANTONIO BANDERAS wanted us to know that “5 million farmers and their families are facing ruin because the US governments subsidises its corn farmers to over-produce and dump the surplus at rock-bottom prices in Mexico”:

ALANIS MORISSETTE wanted us to know that “European wheat costs almost twice as much to produce as wheat from poor countries but – with the help of hand-outs from the European Union – it is dumped on poor countries at rock-bottom prices; pushing poor farmers out of business and into poverty”:

GAEL GARCÍA BERNAL wanted us to know that “Ten million cotton farming families in Africa are being forced into poverty because of unfair trade, which benefits just a few hundred cotton farming companies in the US”:

We LOVE these neat photos and the important messages they send!

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Peace and Love,

Your Fair Trade Trendsters